Our technology services, which are available to anyone, regardless of age, income level or educational background, are helping to bridge the gap between those who would otherwise not have access to these resources and those who already do. Our investment in technology and personnel also means we are creating centers of learning in an environment that stimulates imagination and curiosity.

About books and information we are passionate. But it takes more than passion to be an effective community deficit fighter.

So Cleveland Public Library continues to work in tandem with our community partners to prioritize deficits in our city and identify solutions that tear down barriers to literacy, self-esteem and financial independence. Some of our larger initiatives in this area in 2012 included:

  • Completion of TechCentral
  • Creation of eight new Learning Centers throughout the branches
  • Development of online training and educational programs
  • Extension of Library services through third-party community providers
  • Tremendous growth in eMedia circulations and downloadable content

Here at “The People’s University” we are working hard to add value to our services and programs by scrutinizing and refining them to ensure optimal impact and outcomes. We know we are making a difference, despite the ongoing financial challenges, because we hear the success stories and we have been able to document the results. The support of Cleveland taxpayers, who we will be asking for levy approval in 2013, has been critical to those successes.

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