Looking Ahead to Future Changes

There are four other phases planned as part of the overall Downtown Destination initiative, including:

  • Create a Discovery Center for Families and Children on the second floor of the Louis Stokes Wing with interactive displays and learning activities.
  • Revitalize the first floor of the Louis Stokes Wing with an indoor garden concept that leverages the popularity of the Eastman Reading Garden. The focus will be on more efficient space utilization to include interactive displays, exhibits and more popular materials. In an effort to keep people in the Library longer, a casual lounge environment has been conceived that could include a food and beverage area. A computer lab may also be on the first floor for easy access.
  • Reconfigure the entire first floor of the Main Building so that Brett Hall can host more Library events that provide ongoing revenue streams and also allow first-time visitors the opportunity to experience the Library in a new way. As part of the reconfiguration, additional flexible and permanent exhibits will be added to create a more museum-type environment that efficiently and creatively showcases the Library's fabulous collections and provides a reason for visitors to return again and again. | MORE »