Phase I of the Downtown Destination Initiative (continued)

Preparations for Phase I created a domino effect of other changes within the Library. In order to make room for the new TechCentral, the audio-video collection that was previously on the lower level moved to the first floor. This action displaced the Popular Library which has since moved into Brett Hall. This series of moves not only made way for TechCentral, but also made the most popular departments within the Library more easily accessible to downtown visitors and workers.

In order to facilitate movement between the buildings and help guide patrons, the Library also invested in modern, colorful wayfinding graphics. These additions create a more user-friendly environment and also help direct visitors to multiple locations within the Library that they may not have previously experienced.

Structurally, the most noticeable changes of the TechCentral phase will include a new checkout and staff help area and a raised two-floor system that allows for easy access and the powering of computers. The checkout area will feature a more welcoming and accessible help desk and large video screens with displays demonstrating newer technologies available at the Library.

The raised flooring system facilitates the movement and reconfiguration of computer equipment to easily adapt to future, unexpected changes within the Library.