Thomas D. Corrigan
President, Board of Trustees
Cleveland Public Library

Both One and the Other (continued)

Our other challenge was to invest in those technologies that are the most relevant and valuable given today’s society and information needs. We are not a museum. Our materials are meant to be used. While we continue to invest in our print collections, we are also rapidly expanding our digital resources. On an ongoing basis, we continue to evaluate and research how people will likely receive their information in the future.

This type of balancing act has proven especially challenging with the reduction in budgets. Yet, we are proud of the success we have had in continuing to meet more diverse needs with tighter dollars by working and investing smarter. The fact that we were named one of the top libraries by Library Journal in 2011 is proof of our success in this area.

Our pledge is that Cleveland Public Library is here to serve for the long-term — in downtown, throughout our neighborhoods and around the state. Throughout this report, you’ll read about some of the many ways that the Library continues to be a critical community resource.

Thomas D. Corrigan
President, Board of Trustees

Members of the Board of Library Trustees

Maritza Rodriguez, Vice President
Alan Seifullah, Secretary
Alice G. Butts
John M. Hairston
Anthony T. Parker
Rick Werner