Thomas D. Corrigan
President, Board of Trustees
Cleveland Public Library

Both One and the Other

As a result of the number of changes happening around us, the Library has become particularly skillful at the art of balancing. In 2011, this balancing act primarily affected two aspects of the Library’s operations: the need to balance our focus and resources between the Main Library and the neighborhood branches, and the need to balance between our legacy of books and newer technologies.

We recognize that there is a type of revolution taking place in downtown Cleveland. There is a positive energy taking hold all around us. As part of the Board’s strategic planning process this past year, we worked to identify ways to make the Library a part of that energy. Accessibility to information is critical. It is a means for leveling the playing field when you can make information readily available to the masses. Many of the changes taking place at our Main Library are designed to facilitate access and make better use of the space we have.

We also recognized the need to make our fabulous downtown collections more accessible through the branches and throughout CLEVNET, our regional network of library systems that provides patrons with access to more than 10 million items. We see our branches as being our connection to the neighborhoods around us, and we continue to identify resources, services and programs that allow us to benefit our neighborhoods. | MORE »