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Pekar, Harvey


Born: October 8, 1939

Ohio connection: Birth

Harvey Pekar, a Cleveland native, is best known as the creator of the autobiographical comic American Splendor. The series was originally self published between 1976 and the early 1990s when Dark Horse Comics took over as publisher. The series, based on Pekar's life and work as a veterans administration hospital file clerk in Cleveland, came to the attention of many due to its 2003 film adaptation by the same name. Others will recall Pekar from his eight, often contentious, appearances on Late Night with David Lettermen, between 1986 and 1988. Pekar died July 12, 2010, at his home in Cleveland Heights.

American Book Award, 1987, for American Splendor; first place, commentary/essay, Public Radio News Directors, Inc., 2000, for "What's in a Name"; regional Edward R. Murrow Award, Radio-Television New Directors Association, 2001, for "Father's Day."