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Libby, Anthony


Born: May 19, 1942

Ohio connection: Resident

Anthony Libby was born May 19, 1942, in Jacksonville, FL; son of James Miller (an engineer) and Gertrude (a housewife; maiden name, Wright) Libby.  He received a bachelor's degree from College of the Holy Cross (1963) and was awarded a yearlong Woodrow Wilson Fellowship; two years later, he was awarded another, which ended in 1967 and overlapped with his pursuit of a doctoral degree from Stanford University. That same year, Libby took a job as assistant professor of English at the Ohio State University in Columbus. During his post-graduate studies, Libby married Marison Vlastos. They had two children, but divorced in 1976 after eleven years of marriage. In 1969 - after teaching for two years in Ohio -- Libby received his Ph.D. from Stanford. Five years later, he was promoted to associate professor of English at Ohio State and, in 1985, the same university made him a professor. Libby is a Professor Emeritus of Ohio State University. Anthony Libby has written three books of poetry and has published more than twenty-five poems and has contributed articles and critical reviews to numerous professional journals, including The New York Times Book Review, American Literature, The Iowa Review, and The Ohio Journal