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Halstead, Murat

Paddy's Run

Born: September 2, 1829

Ohio connection: Birth

Murat Halstead, son of Griffin and Clarissa (Willetts) Halstead, was born in 1829 in Butler County, Ohio. He was raised on a family farm, but his heart was more in academic endeavors than in farming. He spent many hours at the local public library, and hoped to have a career in law. However, while studying at Farmer`s College, he developed a love for journalism, and after graduation decided to embark on a newspaper career. He began as an editorial writer for the Cincinnati Commercial in 1853. In 1865, he was named editor, and later became publisher. His major interest was politics, and he was considered to be an astute observer of the political scene. He became a leader in liberal Republicanism, especially after the scandals of the conservative Republican administration of Ulysses S. Grant became known. Halstead wrote a number of books, many of which were biographies of political figures. Some of his other works dealt with national and international history. His titles included The War Crimes of the South; The Story of Cuba; Life and Achievements of Admiral Dewey from Montpelier to Manila; Triumphant America and Her New Possessions; Galveston: The Horrors of a Stricken City; The Illustrious Life of William McKinley, Our Martyred President; The Life of Theodore Roosevelt, Twenty-fifth President of the United States; and The War Between Russia and Japan. Murat Halstead was married to the former Mary Banks, and the couple had twelve children. Halstead died July 2, 1908 in Cincinnati.