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Gilfillan, Merrill C.


Born: 1910

Ohio connection: Birth

Born on a farm near Castine, Ohio, Merrill C. Gilfillan graduated with a degree in zoology from Ohio State University in 1934. He started a career in wildlife research with the Ohio Division of Wildlife and helped establish one of the country's earliest game management programs in northeastern Ohio. In 1956 he transferred to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources as a writer and then an editor in the information and education section. He wrote for and edited The Ohio Conservation Bulletin and retired from public service in 1972.  His other publications include Moods of the Ohio Moons: An Outdoorsman's Almanac was inspired by the phases of the moon and pieced together poetic observations, visual descriptions of the landscape and brief essays to explore the American Midwest. Merrill C. Gilfillan died on Friday, July 12, 1996 in Rochester, N.Y.