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Doerr, Anthony


Born: October 27, 1973

Ohio connection: Birth

Anthony Doerr, also known as Tony Doerr, was born October 27, 1973, in Cleveland, Ohio. In high school, he developed an interest in writing, and by the time he was in his mid-twenties, Doerr was submitting his work to magazines for publication. Although his mother was a high school science teacher who encouraged family interest in science, Doerr, who writes a lot about science and the environment, did not pursue formal education in science. He obtained a B.A. in history at Bowdoin College in 1995 and an M.F.A. in writing at Bowling Green State University in 1999. After that, he taught at various institutions, including the University of Wisconsin at Madison, Boise State University, and Princeton University. Doerr has lived in Africa and New Zealand and currently resides in Boise, Idaho.

O. Henry Award, Doubleday, 2002, for the short story "The Hunter's Wife"; O. Henry Award, Doubleday, 2003, for the short story "The Shell Collector"; Barnes & Noble Discover Prize, The Rome Prize, The Ohioana Book Award, Young Lion Award, New York Public Library, 2003, New York Times Notable Book, and an American Library Association Book of the Year, all for The Shell Collector: Stories; Named one of 21 Best American Novelists, Granta magazine, 2007; O. Henry Award, Doubleday, 2008, for the short story "Village 113."

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