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Daley, Mary Dowling

Shaker Heights

Born: 1924

Ohio connection: Birth

Born in Lakewood in 1924, Mary Dowling Daley's father, Thomas Dowling, directed circulation for the Scripps-Howard newspapers, including the Cleveland Press. She moved many times as a child and an adult, helping to organize a rent strike at a housing project in Asheville, N.C. She settled in Shaker Heights in 1968, drawn by its pioneering drive for integration. She wrote "The Daley World" column for Shaker magazine and did freelance work for The Plain Dealer, New York Times, Commonweal, Christian Science Monitor,  and more. She wrote Around the World in Cleveland, a multicultural coloring book illustrated by high schoolers. She wrote a series on music festivals for WCLV that many other stations around the country aired.  Daley also penned Irish Laws.  Daley died on Feburary 11, 2010.