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    Saturday, March 9, 2013 at 2:00 p.m.

    Louis Stokes Wing Auditorium • Main Library

    Temple GrandinScientist, scholar, animal rights advocate and best-selling author Temple Grandin is autistic. She has been profiled on 20/20, ABC News, and NPR, and in the famous Oliver Sacks New Yorker profile, “An Anthropologist on Mars.”

    Her newest work, Different…Not Less (2012) offers the world yet another inspiring and informative book that offers both hope and encouragement. Grandin presents the personal success stories of fourteen unique individuals that illustrate the extraordinary potential of those on the autism spectrum.

    Temple Grandin’s 2005 book Animals in Translation was the culmination of 30 years of professional training as an animal scientist and an innate ability, born from her very handicap, to understand the animal brain. She states plainly: “I have one big advantage over the feedlot owners who hire me – being autistic. Autism made school and social life hard, but it made animals easy. I’m a visual thinker. Most people are verbal, but cattle are visual and so am I.”

    Her autobiography, Thinking in Pictures: and Other Reports From My Life With Autism (1995) is a revealing look at autism from the inside. She describes her pain and isolation growing up “different” and her discovery of visual symbols to interpret the “ways of the natives”. Thinking In Pictures also provides information from the frontlines of autism, including treatments, medication, and diagnosis, as well as Temple’s insight into the other side of autism: savants, genius and alternative sensory phenomena.

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