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    Additional Service Resources

    The following links are provided as resources for information related to blindness, visual impairment, or other physical disabilities that result in an inability to read standard print. Please visit the sites below to learn more about these other agencies and services.


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    National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped a free library program of braille and recorded materials circulated to eligible borrowers through a network of cooperating libraries. 10
    Braille Literacy Reference Circular from the National Library Service reference circular lists instructional materials, supplies, and equipment currently available for learning braille, and cites sources about braille literacy. The resources given are intended to assist sighted individuals who are interested in learning braille or want to transcribe print materials into braille; instructors who teach braille; persons with visual impairments who are interested in learning to read and write braille; and family members, friends, and professionals who desire information about braille literacy.11
    NLS Factsheet: About Braille more about braille from this NLS Factsheet, that provides an overview of braille, including a description and brief history.12
    The State Library of Ohio Talking Books Program the Ohio braille and talking book program with OLBPD and serves as the machine lending agency for the state. 20
    The Ohio State School for the Blind publicly funded educational facility that is dedicated to the intellectual, social, physical, and emotional growth of students with visual impairments, including those with multiple disabilities.30
    The State of Ohio Department of Education Blind and Visually Impaired Resources—-Information-and-ResoProvides links to various information, programs and resources related to students who are blind, have visual impairments or print disabilities in Ohio.31
    Blinded Veterans Association organization of blinded veterans helping blinded veterans. Through their service programs, regional groups, resources, and advocacy before the legislative and executive branches of government, they hope to make life better for blinded veterans.40
    National Federation of the Blind of Ohio organization of blind people providing peer support for one another, and working together to integrate blind people into society as equals and productive members by helping them outgrow their many misconceptions about blindness and by changing the laws affecting us.50
    American Council of the Blind of Ohio membership organization heavily committed to advocacy on the local, state, and federal levels for greater understanding of the needs and aspirations of blind and visually impaired people.60
    VOICEcorps Reading Service 24-hour broadcast service serving people who cannot use standard print because of a visual impairment or physical disability.70
    Ohio Radio Reading Servicehttp://www.ohioradioreadingservices.orgDaily broadcasts of topical printed materials including newspapers, magazines, ads and books enabling listeners to be aware of local events, election information, grocery and department store ads, back-page stories, sports and even Dear Abby and the comics.71
    Newsreel Magazine is an exciting monthly audio magazine available on both audio cassette tape and in digital mp3 format. Produced by and for persons who are blind or visually impaired, Newsreel contains news, supportive articles, information and entertainment.80
    Cincinnati Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (CABVI) CABVI mission is to offer blind and visually impaired people of Greater Cincinnati the opportunity to seek independence. They do this by surrounding their clients with the most caring people and helpful services to build a plan based on their needs. 88
    Clovernook Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired provides comprehensive program services including training and support for independent living, orientation and mobility instruction, vocational training, job placement, counseling, recreation, and youth services.90
    The Cleveland Sight Center agency providing educational, rehabilitative, preventive, and support services for blind and visually impaired individuals in the greater Cleveland area.91
    Akron Blind Center Akron Blind Center, a non-profit organization founded in 1948, is committed to serving the visually impaired of Summit County and the greater Akron area with a variety of educational and social programs.92
    The Sight Center of Northwest Ohio Sight Center of Northwest Ohio provides services that maximize the independence of individuals who are blind or visually impaired and minimize the incidence of blindness through education and prevention.93
    Philomatheon Society of the Blind of Canton Philomatheon Society of the Blind is an organization of blind people, along with family and friends, whose mission and goal is to help the blind and sightless help themselves remain independent and a viable member of society through social interaction, educational programs, and activities conducted by the Society.94
    The Hadley School for the Blind independent living through lifelong, distance education programs for people who are blind or visually impaired, their families and blindness service providers.100