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    Eastman Reading Garden

    Eastman Reader Garden

    The Eastman Garden is dedicated in honor of Linda Ann Eastman (1867-1963), Director of the Cleveland Public Library from 1918-1938. Linda Eastman worked at the West Site Branch (Cleveland's first branch library), launched plans for the landmark Main Library building, and initiated many services to institutions and the visually impaired. The Eastman Reading Garden is closed for the season.

    A Brief History
    • July 8, 1937: previously an unkempt city park, the land between the two Main Library buildings opened as an outdoor reading garden
    • September 30, 1937: dedicated as Eastman Park
    • 1959: closed for the construction of the tunnel connecting the Main and Business & Science Buildings
    • May 4, 1960: re-dedicated as the Eastman Reading Garden
    • September 18, 1998: current garden dedicated after construction of the Louis Stokes Wing. Complete re-design includes public art, landscaping and commemorative paving stones
    • Today: the garden remains a popular spot for reading, relaxing, birding and people-watching

    Public Art 

    Reading a Garden

    Story of Reading, public artMaya Lin, Artist
    Tan Lin, Poet

    A private space for thoughtful reflection, Lin's work features a gently flowing pool of water surrounded by granite paving blocks carved with an abstract language poem.

    (Funded by a grant from the George Gund Foundation)


    Garden Gates

    Eastman Reading Garden, gatesTom Otterness

    Whimsical bronze figures are busy at work in Tom Otterness' garden gates - reading, climbing and building. A puzzle of words and parts of words, selected in collaboration with Maya and Tan Lin, form the grille-work of the gates and invite passersby to enter the garden. The gates are crafted of solid bronze.


    Bronze Figures

    Tom Otterness

    These amusing figures act as garden mascots and add a touch of humor. Favorites of children and adults alike, Tom Otterness' whimsical little people populate the garden, surrounding areas and window ledges.