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Living Green


  • MySpace ourplanet : change is possible
    MySpace ourplanet : change is possible
    by the MySpace Community with Jeca Taudte

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  • Generation green : the ultimate teen guide to living an eco-friendly life
    Generation green : the ultimate teen guide to living an eco-friendly life
    written by Linda Sivertsen and Tosh Sivertsen.
    This book lays out the inside scoop on the biggest issues affecting our planet, such as global warming and overflowing landfills; offers dozens of tips on how to shop, dress, eat, and travel the green way; includes interviews with teens like you who are involved with fun, innovative green causes; shows that being environmentally conscious can be a natural part of your life -- and your generation's contribution to turning things around.
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  • The green teen : the eco-friendly teen's guide to saving the planet
  • An inconvenient truth : the crisis of global warming
    An inconvenient truth : the crisis of global warming
    Al Gore.
    This young readers' version of the recent documentary film's companion adult volume cuts the page count by about a third but preserves the original's cogent message and many of its striking visuals. After explaining that his interest in the environment predates even his mother's reading of Silent Spring aloud to him as a teenager, Gore proceeds to document steeply rising carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere, and then to link that to accelerating changes in temperature and precipitation patterns worldwide. Using easy-to-grasp graphics and revealing before-and-after photos, he shows how glaciers and ice shelves are disappearing all over the globe with alarming speed, pointing to profound climate changes and increased danger from rising sea levels in the near future. O'Connor rephrases Gore's arguments in briefer, simpler language without compromising their flow, plainly intending to disturb readers rather than frighten them. He writes measured, matter-of-fact prose, letting facts and trends speak for themselves but, suggesting that "what happens locally has worldwide consequences," he closes with the assertion that we will all have to "change the way we live our lives." Like the film, this title may leave readers to look elsewhere for both documentation and for specific plans of action, but as an appeal to reason it's as polished and persuasive as it can be.
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  • Animal, vegetable, miracle : a year of food life
    Animal, vegetable, miracle : a year of food life
    Barbara Kingsolver, with Steven L. Hopp and Camille Kingsolver

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Research Databases

Freely accessible research database focusing on the relationship between human beings and the environment, with information on topics ranging from global warming to recycling to alternate fuel sources and beyond. Comprised of scholarly and general interest titles, as well as government documents and reports, GreenFILE offers a unique perspective on the positive and negative ways humans affect the ecology.

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Your Environment Your Choice
Guide from the United State Environmental Protection Agency including tips, resources, and career information just for teens.
National Resources Defense Council
News and resources on environmental issues and simple steps you can take to help the planet.
The Discovery Network’s guide to all things green.
The Story of Stuff
Everyone has stuff, watch a short video to find out more about where stuff comes from and what happens when we get rid of it.
Photo Gallery: Arctic Climate Change
Breath-taking photographs highlighting the effects of climate change.
World Wildlife Fund YouTube Channel
Watch videos about protecting the environment and endangered species.