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ProQuest Congressional Publications is a comprehensive online resource for Congressional hearings, public issues, legislation, history, and legal research with access to the full-text of more than 211 years of Congressional information, including member biographies, committee assignments, voting records, financial data, and the full-text of key regulatory and statutory resources. It also provides a link to legislative and public policy resources: Hearing transcripts and submitted testimony (1988-present); Committee reports (1989-present); Bills and Bill tracking reports (1989-present); Committee prints and Congressional documents (1995-present); Congressional Record (1985-present); Federal Register (1980-present); Current Code of Federal Regulations; Current U.S. Code; Public laws (1988-present); and National Journal and Congress Daily.

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The U.S. Serial Set, an ongoing collection of U.S. Government publications compiled under the directive of Congress, captures every aspect of American life from the early 19th century onward, from farming, to westward expansion, scientific exploration, politics, international relations, business, and manufacturing. It includes Congressional reports; executive agency reports ordered to be printed by Congress, and legislative reports of Congress. It also provides:
*Web-based full text access to all the material located in the CIS U.S. Serial Set collection on microfiche.
*Over 325,000 documents.
*Coverage from 1789-1969, including the American State Papers, and all maps, illustrations, photos, and lithographs found within the U.S. Serial Set during that time period.

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Gale Virtual Reference Library - Fills a much-needed gap between legal texts focusing on the theory and history behind the law and more practical guides dealing with the law and its everyday effect upon its citizens. Articles include brief descriptions of each issue's historical background, profiles of various U.S. laws and regulations, details of how laws and regulations vary from state to state, and comprehensive bibliographies that include print and Web resources and lists of relevant organizations.

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Provides a wide selection of Ohio legal forms across the most popular legal areas. Includes real estate contracts, wills, pre-marital agreements, bankruptcy, divorce, landlord tenant and many others. Also included is a comprehensive attorney state directory and a dictionary of legal definitions explained in easy to understand language.

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This is your "one-site stop" for comprehensive Ohio legislative and governmental information. Features include status of bills, updated daily, text of amendments, legislative analyses, and fiscal impact statements, text of opinions as well including useful links to government information throughout Ohio and the United States which is updated regularly.

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Statistical Insight provides access to statistics produced by the U.S. government, major international intergovernmental organizations, professional and trade organizations, commercial publishers, independent research organizations, state government agencies, and universities. The database consists of three components: 1) the Base Edition table collection, which includes over 30,000 individually indexed statistical tables with major statistical compilations issued by Federal agencies, the states, and IGOS; 2) the Research Edition table collection, which integrates over 100,000 additional indexed tables designed for advance research and includes data for geographic areas and industries from government and private-sector sources; 3) the Statistical Abstract and Index modules, which provide access to three CIS indexes: American Statistics Index (ASI), Statistical Reference Index (SRI), and Index to International Statistics (IIS).

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City of Cleveland Department of Aging local agency works on enhancing the quality of life for Cleveland Seniors through advocacy, planning, service coordination, and the delivery of needed services. 
Cuyahoga County Department of Senior and Adult Services local county agency provides quality in-home and community services to seniors, disabled and vulnerable adults based on individual need.  
Western Reserve Area Agency on Aging (WRAAA) Area Agency is responsible for planning, coordinating and administering state and federal funded programs and services for older adults. It is one of twelve regional area agencies on aging designated by the Ohio Department of Aging as authorized by the federal Older Americans Act. 
Ohio Department of Aging Ohio Department of Aging works to improve choice, independence and quality of life for more than 2 million older Ohioans. They help mature adults live active and healthy through programs like our well-known Golden Buckeye Card and evidence-based disease management programs. They promote positive attitudes toward aging and older people through our award-winning electronic publications, volunteer programs and other efforts. They also also provide home and community-based services that help frail individuals remain in their own homes and support consumers of long-term care.  
Administration on Aging division of the Department of Health & Human Services develops comprehensive, coordinated and cost-effective system of home and community-based services that helps elderly individuals maintain their health and independence in their homes and communities. 
National Organization Listing provided by Administration on Aging website listing presents websites of national organizations that provide information on a variety of issues including comprehensive organizations to specialized groups.