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Colorín Colorado – Ready for School Checklistín Colorado – Ready for School Checklist is an Education Department article, published by Colorín Colorado, an educational initiative agency of WETA, the flagship public television and radio station in the nation's capital. Although not in-depth, this list can guide parents as they prepare their child for school. It's best to look at the items on the list as goals toward which to aim, and remember that children grow and develop at different rates. - Is Your Child Ready for School? - Is Your Child Ready for School? is an American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) article that discusses the appropriate time to send your child to school. offers trustworthy, up-to-the-minute health care information and guidance for parents and caregivers, supported by 60,000 pediatricians.  
School Readiness—Preparing Children for Kindergarten and Beyond: Information for Parents Readiness—Preparing Children for Kindergarten and Beyond: Information for Parents is a National Association of School Psychologists article, written by Mary Ann Rafoth, PhD, NCSP, Erin L. Buchenauer, MEd, Katherine Kolb Crissman, MEd, and Jennifer L. Halko of the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. It provides parents with a list of school readiness information, such as who is ready, characteristics of readiness, parent and family influences, and what parents can do to help prepare a child for school.