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Potty Training


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(University of Cincinnati) -- Includes periodicals (indexing to over 150 titles with selective indexing and full text of health-related articles from over 2500 general interest periodicals), pamphlets (full text coverage of over 500 medical education pamphlets) and reference books (full text coverage of Mosby's Medical Dictionary, The People's Book of Medical Texts, Oryx Press Consumer Health Information Source Book, USPDI Drug Information in Lay Language, and Columbia University Complete Home Medical Guide.

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Mayo Clinic: Potty Training the job done with tips from the experts at the Mayo Clinic. 
Dr. Sears: Toilet Training and advice from expert Dr. Sears. 
Surviving Toilet Training tips and advice from the Department of Child Welfare. 
University of Michigan Health System: Toilet Training (no pun intended) of information to help you and your child through the process.