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Dav Pilkey: Author of Captain Underpants
Groovy games, junk, stuff and thingies and more from the author of Captain Underpants and the Dumb Bunnies.
Pauly's Playhouse
Games for kids K - 2nd grade.
PBS Kids
Educational games, stories, and video clips courtesy of PBS.
Nick Jr.
Games, crafts, and activities for preschoolers featuring your favorite Nickelodean characters.
Cartoon Network
Play 224 games based on your favorite cartoons or gaming pastime.
Disney Channel
Play games, watch video clips, and learn more about your favorite Disney character.
Play games and watch video clips from popular shows.
Mr. Nussbaum
Education games and activities for K - 5th grade.
Girls Go Games
Dress up your favorite character or celebrity.
Kids Puzzles
Educational activities as well as mazes, cryptograms, word search, jigsaws, and more.
Brainteasers, Puzzles and Riddles
Exercise your brain and have fun, too!
Daily Sudoku For Kids
Addicted to Sudoku? Now you can play the kid's version of this popular game.
Chess Kids
Learn the game of chess by using this interactive tutorial.