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    During this 150th Anniversary of the final days of the American Civil War, we recall through this exhibit the life and death of President Abraham Lincoln. No other president captured the imagination of this nation more than he did. Lincoln was raised simply and was selfeducated, but rose to the highest office in our land. In that office, he was to preside over the most devastating war in our nation’s history.

    His tragic assassination in April 1865 brought America to a level of grief never before experienced. People in cities, including Cleveland, paid their respects by the hundreds as Lincoln’s funeral train traveled a solemn route from Washington D.C. to Springfield, Illinois where his body was, at last, laid to rest.

    Lincoln at Cleveland 2015 is a 4-month commemoration of our sixteenth President on the 150th Anniversary of his final visit to Cleveland. His body laid in state at what is now known as Public Square on April 28, 1865. From February through May 2015 you can be part of the remarkable exhibits and events paying tribute to a man whose legacy has become tightly woven into the history of our country.

    Exhibit hosted by the Cleveland Public Library in partnership with: