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    2200 East 30th Street
    Cleveland, OH 44115
    Phone: 216.623.7074
    Fax: 216.623.7072

    Monday 10:00-7:00
    Tuesday 10:00-7:00
    Wednesday  10:00-6:00
    Thursday 10:00-7:00
    Friday 10:00-6:00
    Saturday 10:00-6:00
    Sunday Closed

    Manager: Monica Rudziniski

    Upcoming events & classes

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    Branch History
    When it opened in 1913, the Cleveland Public Library Annual Report described Sterling Branch’s architecture as a modification of the Dutch style. The building is red brick with stone trimmings. Sterling Branch has a flat front with decorative brickwork that gives the 6,500-square-foot building a contrast of light and shade. The front entrance has decorative door surround. The windows are outlined and paneled in brick. The diaperwork pattern is repeated in panels of brick on all sides.

    The building was designed to be as fireproof as possible with concrete walls, floors and stairways. Two club rooms were located on the second floor. A large club room that seated 150 people was designated for committee or neighborhood meetings and for the children’s story hour. This branch received updates in 1985.

    Special Features
    Our Sterling branch is known as the "convenient walking spot" for the medical center and many Asia Plaza users. Many patrons who work near this area pick up their reserves at this location.
    Sterling Branch serves a diverse population of business professionals, local artists, Asian immigrants, and lots of children. Its collection reflects this mix of patrons.

    The collection contains many materials on best business practices, art techniques and history, adult and children's books in Chinese and Vietnamese, many books and audiovisual materials for children of all ages, and a large Black World section of both fiction and non-fiction.