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    11602 Lorain Avenue
    Cleveland, 44111
    Phone: 216.623.6955
    Fax: 216.623.6957

    Monday 10:00-7:00
    Tuesday 10:00-7:00
    Wednesday  10:00-6:00
    Thursday 10:00-7:00
    Friday 10:00-6:00
    Saturday 10:00-6:00
    Sunday Closed

    Manager: Kenneth Knape

    Upcoming events & classes



    Branch History
    Joseph Ceruti & Associates professed in a statement (circa 1978) that  their approach for the new Eastman Branch was to “make a simple bold statement to contrast with the anonymous adjacent structures in the vicinity” of the Lorain and West 117th Street area. They felt this was accomplished by the use of predominately blank masonry walls and two sculptured entrances. This statement was officially proclaimed in 1980 when the Eastman branch opened the doors to its 12,000-square-foot facility. This branch is located in the Cudell neighborhood.

    Exterior and interior materials were selected to minimize maintenance. To provide sufficient daylight "an atrium was introduced as a focal space with clerestory lighting oriented to the north.” The reading and reference areas surround the atrium. Ceruti & Associates believed that tax-supported institutions and especially the Library, “should lead the way in exposing the taxpayer to quality works of art.”  thus, Eastman Branch has several pieces of art including works by Peter Paul Dubaniewicz and William McVey.

    Special Features
    Eastman serves a community rich in diversity. Eastman has an impressive array of Arabic and Spanish Language books. Computer instruction is available in English and Arabic.