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    1. 04/63.
    Caption: "Birmingham, Ala., April 12--OFF TO JAIL--Integration leaders Rev. Ralph D. Abernathy, left, and Rev. Martin Luther King, right, are taken in tow by a policeman as they led a line of demonstators into the business section of Birmingham, Ala."

    2. 05/63.
    Caption: "Birmingham, Ala., May 16--LEAVE COURT--Rev. Martin Luther King, white briefcase, and other Negro integration leaders pass replica of Statue of Liberty after posting appeal bond on contempt citation at the courthouse, rear, in Birmingham, Ala"

    3. 03/56.
    Caption: "3/19/56-Montgomery, Ala.:Negro boycott leader Rev. M.L. King, Jr., escorts his attractive wife across a street as they leave Montgomery County court (3/19) during the lunch recess. King was first of 90 indicted Negroes to go on trial."

    4. July, 1964.
    Caption: "7/2/64-Washington:President Johnson shakes hands with The Reverend Martin Luther King after handing him a pen during the signing of the Civil Rights bill into law during a White House ceremony."

    5. June, 1964.
    Caption: "6/12/64-St.Augustine:Dr. Martin Luther King and his chief lieutenant, Rev. Ralph Abernathy (rear) are shown in jail here 6/11 shortly after their arrest. Another attempt was planned 6/12 to integrate a motel restaurant."

    6. May, 1963.
    Caption: "Birmingham, Ala., May 5--Protest Prayer Meet--Negro preachers lead an open air prayer meeting as hundreds of negroes join in after protest march was halted in Birmingham, Ala. today."

    7. May, 1963.
    Caption: "05/63- Birmingham, Ala.-Selling Non-Violence--Rev. Ralph Abernathy leads the singing with a cue stick and Rev. Martin Luther King stands by as the two Negro integration leaders toured the pool halls in Birmingham, Ala."

    8. Photo by Cleveland Press, February, 1965.
    Caption: "2/65-Selma, AL-Dr. Martin Luther King (left) kneels and checks his long line of followers before offering prayer on the sidewalk following their arrest en masse. After the prayer the group marched peacefully to jail."

    9. Photo by U.P.I Telephoto, September, 1958.
    Caption: "9-21-New York: Integration leader Rev. Martin Luther King is pictured in Harlem Hospital here 9/21 as Dr. Emil A. Maclerico stands at his bedside after 3-hour operation to remove a letter opener from his chest."

    10. Photo by U.P.I. Telephoto, March, 1965.
    Caption: "3/65-Montgomery, AL - Triumphant Dr. Martin Luther King and his wife, Coretta, stand with the Alabama state capitol dome as a background after he led 30,000 civil rights marchers to the capitol."

    11. Photo by U.P.I. Telephoto, March, 1968.
    Caption: "03/68-New York-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. seems to be in a reflective mood as he waits to be introduced at the 18th annual Salute to Freedom program--sponsored by Local 1199 of the Drug and Hospital Union--at Hunter College here 3/10."

    12. Photo by United Press Internation, Inc., January, 1965.
    Caption: "01/65- Selma, AL - Dr. Martin Luther King registers at a local hotel during a test of the Civil Rights Law and a massive voter registration drive here 1/18. King was attacked by a member of the American State's Rights Party"

    13. Photo by United Press International, Inc., 12/64.
    Caption: "12/18/64 Washington: Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., winner of the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize (center) and his wife, Coretta (right) leave the White House 12/18 after a "standard call" on Pres. Johnson."

    14. Photo by United Press International, Inc., 03/65.
    Caption: "PLAN NEW PROTEST MARCH--Selma, Ala.: Negro leaders strike similar poses as they listen to speaker at a mass rally in Selma, Ala. late March 8th."

    15. Photo by United Press International, Inc., August, 1966.
    Caption: "8/66-Chicago-Struck on the head by a rock thrown by a group of hecklers, Dr. Martin Luther King falls to one knee. Dr. King regained his feet and led a group of marchers demonstrating alleged housing discrimination through an all-white district"

    16. Photo by United Press International, Inc., December, 1964.
    Caption: "12/64-Stockholm, Sweden-Breakfast in bed--Nobel Peace Prize winner Martin Luther King is served breakfast in bed here Dec. 13th by "Lucia Light Queen" Christina Bernstrom, who is dressed in an ancient costume thought to date back to Viking time"

    17. Photo by United Press International, Inc., December, 1964.
    Caption: "12/64-Oslo, Norway-Autographs Best-Seller--Dr. Martin Luther King autographs his best-selling book "Why We Can't Wait" for a female Norwegian student here December 9th. Standing at left is Dr. King's wife, Coretta."

    18. Photo by United Press International, Inc., December, 1968.
    Caption: "Atlanta:-Mrs. Coretta King, widow of the late Martin Luther King, Jr., and her children will spend their first Christmas at home since the assassination of the civil rights leader. She is shown with Dexter, 7, and Martin III, 11"

    19. Photo by United Press International, Inc., February, 1966.
    Caption: "2/18/66-Chicago: Dr. Martin Luther King tries difficult behind the back shot while using his "best stick" in pool match with Chicago civil rights leader Al Raby here 2/17."

    21. Photo by United Press International, Inc., January, 1966.
    Caption: "1/12/66-Atlanta, Ga-Dr. Martin Luther King said at a news conference here 1/12 that he would lead a racial march to the state capitol here 1/14 to support Negro State Rep-elect Julian Bond's efforts to regain his house seat."

    22. Photo by United Press International, Inc., July, 1962.
    Caption-"07/62-Albany, GA-Rev. Martin Luther King (front left), a Negro integrationist, and Rev. Ralph Abernathy (front right) are escorted to jail here 7/10 after they refused to pay fines for their part in a demonstration last December."

    23. Photo by United Press International, Inc., July, 1966.
    Caption: "07/66-Chicago- Dr. Martin Luther King (second from left) holds an umbrella to shield himself from the sun at a civil rights rally July 10 in Soldier Field here. James Meredith (right) and Floyd McKissick (second from right)"

    24. Photo by United Press International, Inc., June, 1964.
    Caption: "ARRESTED - St. Augustine, Fla.:Rev. Martin Luther King, closely followed by Rev. Ralph Abernathy, enters police car here June 11th after their arrest on trespassing charges. St. Augustine police chief Virgil Stuart (right)"

    25. Photo by United Press International, Inc., October, 1964.
    Caption: "10/14/64-Atlanta:Joyous Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., hugs his wife, Coretta, after a news conference here 10/14 following announcement of award of the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize to the Southern integration leader."

    26. Photo by United Press Telephoto, March, 1956.
    Caption: "Montgomery, Ala:The Rev. M.L. King and wife, center, wear broad smiles in front of cheering negroes following King's conviction for his part in the negro boycott of Montgomery city buses. King was ordered to pay $1,000 in fines and court costs"

    27. Photo by UPI Photo, 06/53.
    Caption: "A SLICE OF LIFE, New York: A wedding photo of Martin Luther King, Jr., and the former Coretta Scott. They were married by "Daddy" King (as Mrs. King called her father-in-law) on the lawn of her parent's home at Marion, Ala., on June 18th 1953."