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    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum


    Take your download experience to the next level with Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's new mobile app Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll


    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum Events


    Songwriters to Soundmen Series

    This series give music fans an inside look at how songs become recording, how recording become hits, how tours happen, and how the business side of the music works.  Held on the third Wednesday of each month and free with a reservation.


    Rock and Roll Night School Series

    A free educational series held on the 4th Wednesday of each month for adults interested in gaining more knowledge about rock and roll history.


    Teachers Rock Professional Development Workshops

    This series is geared toward teachers K-12 interested in integrating popular music into their curriculum. Free every second Wednesday of most months.


    In the city of rock & roll, Cleveland Public Library (CPL) has teamed up with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum to offer CPL cardholders a unique musical experience with the launch of MyTunes in partnership with Freegal Music Service. 

    As a cardholder, you can now download five MP3 digital music files every week.  Download songs from popular artists from every era and genre, including Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd, and Ozzy Osbourne, as well as other current popular artists.

    It's as easy as 1, 2, 3! 1) Login 2) Find a track 3) Click download. So what are you waiting for? Start your MyTunes collection today!

    Freegal User Tips


    Freegal User Tips

    Here are a few tips to help you start downloading your favorite music quickly & easily.

    Download Limit
    Current limits are set at five downloads per week. Your counter will set back to zero each week on Monday morning. Then you can download five more tunes during the new week. If you do not download your five songs in any given week, you lose those five free downloads forever—in other words, use it or lose it each week.  

    Click and Save
    When you're ready to download a track, click the "Download Now" link, select “Save” at the prompt, and designate where you want to save the song. Anytime you click on the "Download now" link, even if you cancel the download, the download will count toward your weekly allotment.  

    Having trouble finding your band in the Artist Search box?
    Find bands that begin with "The" in their name, alphabetized under the letter "T."

    Recent Downloads
    Once in a while, your Internet connection may be interrupted or time out and you might experience an incomplete or problem download. Freegal Music allows you to download previously downloaded songs again, without using up one of your weekly downloads.

    Use the Smart Search box for suggestions when you know the name of the album, artist, or song. As you type into the search box, a list of possible artist names, track names, or album names will drop down from the search tool. Click on one of the suggestions to access tracks from only that artist. If you type in a word and hit enter without selecting a suggestion, the search results will include anything that has that word in the track, name, or album.

    Use the Advanced Search to search by composer, or genre, as well as by artist, song, or album.

    If you have any comments or questions about this new service, please contact us at