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    Oct 11

    Written by: Michael Dalby 10/11/2011 2:07 PM 

    Cuyahoga River 1889The Art and Architecture Vertical File housed in the Fine Arts library is a rich resource for those interested in Cleveland and Ohio arts, architecture and history. The vertical file contains clippings, pamphlets and brochures that were kept up to date by the librarians working in Fine Arts and Special Collections from the early 20th century to the present. The materials contained within the vertical file present an interesting portrait of the changes that Cleveland experienced throughout the late 19th and 20th centuries.

    Cleveland in the late 19th century was a vastly different place than it is today. The city was steadily becoming a center of progress and industry was booming. Horse drawn carriages and cars, once the norm, Horse-Drawn Streetcar, 1889were now slowly being replaced by new electric streetcars. Euclid Avenue was lined by Mansions with landscaping that stretched to Lake Erie. Ships dotted the harbors of the Cuyahoga River, signaling trading progress that was being made throughout the City.

    Further materials related to this era are available in the Art and Architecture Vertical File. These materials range from photographs to sketches of Cleveland and its surrounding suburbs as they were changing from a frontier settlement into the city as it exists today.

    For those further interested in the history of Cleveland art and architecture, the Art and Architecture Vertical File is open for research. Folders that may be of interest include Cleveland and Ohio artists, Cleveland architects and architecture, Cleveland aerial photographs, Ship, 1889Cleveland neighborhoods, as well as information about various Cleveland memorials, places, monuments, and personalities. To discuss reviewing some of the materials in the vertical file, please contact the Fine Arts library by phone at 216.623.2848 or by e-mail at


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