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    Jun 9

    Written by: Michael Dalby 6/9/2010 11:24 AM 

    Islamic Manuscripts from the Cleveland Public Library Collection.

    In ANOTHER WAY OF LOOKING: INFLUENCES FROM ISLAM on view at the Cleveland State University Art Gallery.

    A selection of Islamic manuscripts from the Cleveland Public Library, John G. White Collection, will be on view at the Cleveland State University Art Gallery in Gallery C, from May 21 to June 26, 2010.  The exhibition is curated by Assistant Professor of Art, Marian Bleeke.  Dr. Bleeke worked with the Special Collections Librarians of the John G. White Collection in the selection of these unique Islamic manuscripts.  The manuscripts consist of three distinctly different Qur'ans from the 17th and 18th centuries, two volumes of collected Arabic prayers, the beautifully illustrated 19th century Persian manuscript of Yusuf and Zulaykha, and a lovely 19th century version of Haft Paykar, the Medieval Romance of seven love stories told to Prince Bahram V Gur by his seven brides.

    The Cleveland Public Library manuscripts are an aspect of the main gallery exhibit entitled ANOTHER WAY OF LOOKING: INFLUENCES FROM ISLAM.  This is an exhibition of contemporary art informed by, and emerging from, Islam curated by Nama Khalil, and organized by the Art Gallery with the help of a Community Advisory Committee.  This is the sixth exhibition since 1990 in a series of shows with a focus on the religious dimension of art.  The exhibition is co-sponsored by the Center for Sacred Landmarks, with the support from the Uqbah Mosque Foundation, and an EDGE grant from the office of the Vice President for Institutional Diversity.
    Also on view will be photographs from the Dome of Hagia Sophia by Cemal Ekin, taken with permission during the restoration of the ancient artifice.

    Cleveland State University Art Gallery (located in the Art Building)
    2307 Chester Avenue
    Cleveland, Ohio 44115-2214
    Phone 216-687-2103
    Gallery Hours:  Monday - Friday: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm /  Saturday: 12:00 noon - 4:00 pm

    View a description of the CSU exhbit, here.

    The titles on loan from the Cleveland Public Library are:

    Qur'?n.  1700?. Includes Arabic text of the Koran from the beginning of the 5th Surah, al-M??idah, to the last verse, of the 9th Surah, al-Tawbah.

    Qur'?n.  1700?. "Complete manuscript copied around the 17th to the 18th centuries in Maghribi handwriting with decorated text and ornamental borders"--From card.

    Qur'?n.  1637. "The Koran copied by Ali ibn Muhammed Y?ghi Z?dah, a pupil of M?sa Efendi"--Catalog card.  Qur'an ends on p. [623]; p. [623-626]: A supplication to be read upon the completion of the Qur'an; p. [626] also has closing remarks written by the scribe.

    [Prayers for certain hours, days and months].  N.d.  Manuscript, written in Maghribi style Kufic.

    Dal?il al-khayr?t wa-shaw?riq al-anw?r f? dhikr al-s?al?h alá al-Nab? al-mukht?r.  Muh?ammad ibn Sulaym?n Jaz?l?, d. 1465.  1800?  Arabic illuminated manuscript, copied by Abd All?h al-Afw?.

    [Dal??il al-Khayr?t. al-Jaz?l?]. Muh?ammad ibn Sulaym?n Jaz?l? d. 1465.  Written in Algeria.  Text in black, red and gold ink, within a red, double-line border, seven to nine lines per page.  Includes illustrations in black, red, and gold.

    [Y?suf va Zulaykh?].  1800?  The Persian story of Joseph and the Potypha's wife. Double columns of text, twelve lines, per column, within double-lined border.  Decorative gilt border separating text.

    [Haft paykar].  Niz??m? Ganjav?, d. 1140 or 41-1202 or 3.  1800?  Double columns of text in blue, red, and gilt border.  With decorative gilt title page with gilt floral border.  Bound in contemporary leather.

    Other Arabic and Persian manuscript holdings are available in the John G. White Collection of the Special Collections Department of the Cleveland Public Library, 3rd Floor of the Main Library, 216-623-2818,



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