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    Nov 6

    Written by: Michael Dalby 11/6/2009 8:29 AM 

    Moth Dress, Domini e Maschere, by G. Palanti Research shows that a form of Halloween was first celebrated in Ireland and that it featured a blending of two worlds, ours, and the world of the spirits or dead.  The celebration was held at the end of the harvest, just before the storms of winter.  Their celebrations included costumes, mainly creatures from the natural world.  

    The Special Collections Department at the Cleveland Public Library has become the recipient of recent transfers of items that feature illustrations of costume from various countries.  Many of the works contain plates that have examples of regional costume illustrated inGallois pochoir, a French technique of stenceling.  Others offer examples of theatrical ensemble used for performance or masque balls.

    Works by artist E?mile Gallois include, Costumes Japonais et Indone?siens;  Costumes de L'Union Fran,caise; and Le costume en France des Merovingiens a? Franc?oisier ; and also available is Domini e Maschere, by G. Palanti which features 16 illustrated plates. 

    To see these and other books on costume, visit the Special Collections Department on the 3rd Floor of Main Library.


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