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    Sep 24

    Written by: Michael Dalby 9/24/2009 9:35 AM 

    William Sommer Skethc of a head, from Broom 1923William Sommer's library of approximately 600 books, journals, and other miscellaneous publications was received in 1999 as a gift to the Cleveland Public Library from Joseph Erdelac of Cleveland, Ohio. Mr. Erdelac acquired the library around 1984 as part of the William Sommer estate which Erdelac attained directly from the artist's son, William Sommer Jr. At that time the library was being stored in the damp basement of the son's house in Macedonia (Ohio), and Bill Junior (as Erdelac referred to him) was glad to see them go. Erdelac remembered that Bill Junior was a great woodworker and cabinet maker. Mr. Erdelac also predicted that there would be drawings in the books because wherever Bill was, he always had a pencil in his hand and was sketching. William Sommer (1867-1949), designer, lithographer, and painter, was born in Detroit, Michigan. After an apprenticeship, study abroad, and work as a lithographer in New York, he came to Cleveland in 1907. In addition to working at the Otis Lithograph Company, Sommer developed an interest in modern approaches to painting. Over four decades, he vigorously pursued his calling as an artist, encouraged growth in Cleveland's artistic community, participated in federal art programs, and exhibited regularly in Cleveland and other cities.  To view this and other items in the Special Collection Department, visit us on the 3rd floor of the Main Library Building.


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