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    Aug 3

    Written by: Michael Dalby 8/3/2009 12:23 PM 

    Sacred Texts in Special Collections:

    Koran, 1650 bindingWe often have requests from patrons and tourist to see an "old Bible."  Since this type of request is often non-specific, below is a list of older Bibles held in the Special Collections Department that may answer the needs of patrons who desire an "old Bible."  Other sacred text that patrons may want to see are the featured Book of Mormon or the featured Koran included in this list.  Other sacred text are also available.  Please contact the Special Collections staff with specific requests.

    • Vulgate Bible. The Vulgate is an early Fifth Century version of the Bible in Latin. The Special Collections has a facsimile version of the Gutenberg Bible, which is a Vulgate version of the Bible. Printed in 1455.  "Gutenberg "was the name of the printer who printed the Bible and the Gutenberg Bible is famous because it is and EARLY PRINTED BIBLE.  It is in Latin.  It is an example of an early Bible and early printing.  Two examples are listed below.

    The Gutenberg Bible : a commentary, historical background, transcription, translation / Jean-Marie Dodu. [Paris] : Éditions les Incunables, c1985.  Vol. 1-2 consists of a facsimile reprint of the Mazarin Library copy of the Gutenberg Bible; vol. 3-4 contains historical background, a list of all known copies of the Gutenberg Bible, transcription, and translation into English.

    Bible. Latin. Vulgate. 1454[Biblia Latina.  Moguntiae, Joh. Gutenberg, ca. 1450-55.]. Leipzig : Inselverlag, 1913-1914.

    • King James'Bible. The Authorized King James Version is an English translation of the Christian Bible conceived in 1604 and brought to fruition in 1611 by the Church of England.

    The Holy Bible : Conteyning the Old Testament, and the New: Newly translated out of the originall tongues: and with the former Translations Appointed to be read in Churches.  Imprinted at London : by Robert Barker, Printer to the Kings most excellent Maiestie, Anno Dom. 1613.   "The true 1613 folio edition of King James' Bible."

    • Book of Common Prayer. The Book of Common Prayer is the common title of a number of prayer books of the Church of England and of other Anglican churches and was first published in 1549.

    Book of Common Prayer, 1704The Book of common prayer, and administration of the sacraments, and other rites and ceremonies of the church : according to the use of the Church of England; : together with the Psalter or Psalms of David, pointed as they are to be sung or said in churchesLondon : Printed by Charles Bill, and the executrix of Thomas Newcomb, deceas'd ..., 1704.  

    Other Bibles can be found in LC call # area: BS and Dewey call # area: 200s. Samples of various editions of the Bible can be found in the Eunice L. Adams Bible Collection.

    [Eunice L. Adams Bible collection].  This group of donated Bibles will be shelved in the Special Collections Workroom for easy access.  It has several various versions of the Bible, including:   Biblia sacra.  Londini: Typis Milonis Elesher, 1640; Holy Bible. Philadelphia: Alexander Towar, 1832; English Version of the Polyglot Bible.  Springfield, Mass, 1842; Holy Bible.  New York: American Bible Society, 1844; Holy Bible.  London: Printed by George E. Eyre, 1853; New Testament.  London: Burns, Oates, and Company, 1858; New Testament.  New York: American Bible Society, 1863; Holy Bible.  New York: American Bible Society, 1921.  This collection was donaated by Mrs. Adams in 2009.

    • Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is a sacred text of the churches of the Latter Day Saint movement. It was first published in March 1830 by Joseph Smith, Jr. as The Book of Mormon: An Account Written by the Hand of Mormon upon Plates Taken from the Plates of Nephi. According to Smith, the book was originally written in otherwise unknown characters referred to as "reformed Egyptian" on golden plates that he discovered in 1823 and then translated. The Book of Mormon is the earliest of the defining publications of the Latter Day Saint movement. The churches of the movement typically regard the Book of Mormon not only as scripture, but as a historical record of God's dealings with the ancient inhabitants of the Americas, written by American prophets from perhaps as early as 2500 B.C. to about 400 A.D.

    The Book of Mormon : an account written by the hand of Mormon, upon plates taken from the plates of Nephi ... / translated by Joseph Smith, Jr.  Kirtland, Ohio : Printed by O. Cowdery & Co. for P. P. Pratt and J. Goodson, 1837.

    • Qur'an. The Qur'an is the central religious text of Islam.  The book is the Koran, 1650 illuminationculmination of a series of divine messages.  The Qur'an is regarded as God's revelation to Muhammad by Muslim believers. Academic scholars often consider it the original version authored or dictated by Muhammad.

     [al-Qura?n].  [Turkey? : The Scribe, 1650?] . 

    Koran of 302 leaves written out on fine paper in a good Naskh hand by the scribe Khalil Sanjani ca. 1650 A.D. and acquired for the library of E.R. A. Osler, October 1967"--Note on inner cover.


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