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    Mar 4

    Written by: Michael Dalby 3/4/2009 10:17 AM 

    flowers detail of biehle paintingThe Biehle Family were designers and painters who worked on frescoes and decorative paintings for clients such as the Chamber of Commerce, churches, and several of Cleveland’s foremost families.  August Frederick Biehle, Sr. (1856-1918) was born in Freiberg, Baden apprenticed with a “master painter” and attended a trade school to focus on drawing.  Biehle Senior immigrated to Cleveland in 1880 and his works appeared in the Chamber of Commerce as well as many mansions and churches located in the northeastern part of the country.  Of Biehle’s five children, August F. Biehle Jr. achieved the most distinction as an artist in his own right.

    August F. Biehle Jr. (1885-1979) was born in Cleveland and is considered an American Modernist painter.  After serving as an apprentice decorating with his father, Biehle Junior left for Europe in 1903 to study painting in both Paris and Munich.  After his return to Cleveland in 1905, Biehle went to work for the Sherwin Williams Company. Biehle Junior was also a lithographer for the Otis Lithography and Continental Lithography Corporation from 1913-52.  He was also a member of the Kokoon Arts Club based in Cleveland, which had been founded in 1911 by local artists such as Williams Sommer, Carl Moellmann, Morris Grossman, Elmer Brubeck, and Harry Stebner.

    The “Biehle Family Collection: Architectural Details and Posters” is one half of a gift donation to the Cleveland Public Library Special Collections Department by the descendants of the Biehle Family.  The collection includes murals, drawings, watercolor paintings, decorative architectural details, and posters ranging from 1870-1944 created by both August F. Biehle Jr. and other members of the Biehle Family.  This collection, along with its counterpart, “Biehle Family Collection: Correspondence and Memorabilia”  are both available in the John G. White Special Collections Department on the third floor of the main building.  Electronic finding aids are also available for both collections through the OhioLink Finding Aid Repository: "Biehle Family Collection: Architectural Details and Posters"  and "Biehle family Collection: Correspondence and Memorabila."  


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