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    Dec 23

    Written by: Michael Dalby 12/23/2008 11:50 AM 

    Part of Cleveland Public Library's chess material is a collection of images of chess players. This includes original photographs, photographs of book and periodical illustrations, prints, illustrations and clippings. Many of the older photographs are identified as coming from the collection of Lyman Stearns of Manchester, New Hampshire. Notations in John G. White's handwriting indicate that he acquired the Stearns collection in 1909.  There are also images from books and articles that were cut out and pasted down to cardboard mounts and labeled by John G. White. Another group of images are on postcards sent to Alain White with a message or chess problem written on the back. Notations by John G. White on the front or back of some items identify the source as other chess collectors, including Miron Hazeltine and James D. Seguin. 

     Other types of chess material available for study and research are tournament bulletins, newspaper clippings, books, letters and handwritten manuscripts. Contact the John G. White chess collection for more information at


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