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    Sep 19

    Written by: Michael Dalby 9/19/2008 11:22 AM 

    Anxious periodicals seek curious patrons.  Must love chess (or any other subject).  Enjoy scenic trips from 8th floor vault to Special Collections Department.  See librarian for details.

    Located eight stories above the sidewalk, on massive moveable shelves, placed among books hundreds of years old, are some very special periodicals from the Cleveland Public Library's John G. White Collection.  They are most often found with their issues bound together to make a single book and when you open them up they will creak and moan as if stretching from a long and whimsical nap.  But do not be fooled.  They want to be opened and are ready to work.  Inside periodicals such as Boy's Own Magazine, The Hampshire Magazine, and Southern Literary Messenger you can discover unique glimpses into the world of chess. Whether they are instructions on opening move and endgame strategies or chess columns that analyze particular chess matches each of these non-chess periodicals has a wealth of information to offer both the chess researcher and casual peruser.  For not only do these chess articles discuss the stylistic variations in chess over time, but they are reflections of the years in which they were written as well.  With many of these publications dating between the late 18th century and very early 20th century it is fascinating to see how the discussion of chess is seemingly timeless among other articles depicting war, scientific discovery and social change.  These periodicals are not limited to English publications as many of them are published abroad in countries such as Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and France to name a few. They demonstrate that while country and custom may change, chess remains the same.  So it is with great pleasure that we invite you to stop in and look at these periodicals as they are both ready and waiting to make the long trip off the shelves in the vault high above the city, into the hands of a librarian, down the elevator, through the halls and onto the great wide tables in the Special Collections Department to be explored and appreciated by you.

    Download the attached word document for a list of periodicals.


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