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    Nov 19

    Written by: Michael Dalby 11/19/2007 1:28 PM 

    Dave Eggers and Michael Kimmelman Will speak at Cleveland Public Library as part of Spectrum: The Lockwood Thompson Dialogues on Thursday, December 13th, 2007 at 7:15pm with a Reception in the lobby prior to the conversation at 6:30pm.

    Spectrum: The Lockwood Thompson Dialogues: Pen & Ink series is a collaborative effort between the Cleveland Public Library and Cleveland Public Art. Free and open to the public, this event will be held at the Cleveland Public Library’s Louis Stokes Wing on Thursday, December 13th at 7:15pm with a reception in the lobby prior to the conversation at 6:30pm.

    The Pen & Ink series explores how words and images together have played crucial roles in storytelling and visual communication. Today’s artists and writers continue to push publishing in new directions while challenging the perceptions of high and low art, often with irreverence and razor sharp commentary.

    Call 216-623-2848 for more information or visit this page to learn more about the speakers.


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