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    May 22

    Written by: Michael Dalby 5/22/2007 5:56 AM 

    Juilliard Manuscript Collection website


    Only a little more than a year after it was donated to Juilliard, the world-renowned conservatory is making its priceless Juilliard Manuscript Collection available for viewing to anyone with access to the internet. The collection, which was given to the School in February 2006 by its Board Chairman Bruce Kovner, includes remarkable autograph and working manuscripts, sketches, engravers' proofs, and other musical artifacts. Each page of the original manuscripts, sketches, and annotated first editions -99 of the 138-manuscript collection, some with extensive composer markings, and others with first-performance conductor markings - is photographed in remarkable detail with a Zoomify feature that allows onscreen images to be displayed up to their full resolution. The enlargements' remarkable clarity allows scholars and interested amateurs alike to see the details: original corrections, handwritten notes and instructions, and in the case of Beethoven, insults about his copyist.


    The collection was acquired by Mr. Kovner for its revelatory edits, notes, cross-outs, and working glimpses into the creative process of both composer and conductor, and donated to the School for today's performers, teachers, and scholars who can transform such 'living' history. The Juilliard Manuscript Collection now may be viewed by an unlimited number of performers, scholars, and music-lovers worldwide, rather than the handful who may have access to the actual acquisitions. In addition, the images of these priceless pieces will be available online a year and a half prior to the completion of their eventual home in Juilliard's Scholars' Reading Room, part of Juilliard's current renovations scheduled to finish in fall 2009.


    Forty-two composers are represented in the online presentation of the Juilliard Manuscript Collection, ranging from Arensky to Zemlinsky; as old as Purcell, and as recent as Maxwell Davies; including multiple works by Beethoven, Brahms, Liszt, Mozart, Schubert, Schumann, Scriabin, Wagner, and many others. A printable list of the complete manuscript collection, with brief descriptions, is available on the Juilliard Manuscript Collection website.


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