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    Feb 9

    Written by: Michael Dalby 2/9/2007 12:05 PM 

    J.G. White Book Plate John G. White, eminent Cleveland citizen and President of the Cleveland Public Library Board of Trustees 1884-1886 and 1913-1928, was a vital force in shaping the research aspects of the Cleveland Public Library.  Through him the Library acquired rare books and unique editions that could not be purchased with public funds.  He donated significant collections from his personal library.

    In 1916, Mr. White commissioned several Cleveland School of Art students and artists to design bookplates for the Chess, Folklore and Orientalia collection. Several designs were based on the theme of the Arabian Nights done by Anna Latt.  The Chess bookplate was printed after his death in 1928, with lettering in a chess board design and a border of chess piece symbols. 


    The original drawings are in Special Collections and the images can be seen at HERE.


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