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    Oct 25

    Written by: Pam Eyerdam 10/25/2006 10:14 AM 

    Schweinfurth Collection Profile by Anthony W. Hiti, Schweinfurth Committee Member of the Cleveland Public Library and Chair of the Historic Resources Committee of the AIA.


    The following is an excerpt that appeared in AIA Cleveland, The Voice - May 2006 --

    One of Cleveland's greatest cultural resources is, without a doubt, the Cleveland Public Library. This institution has long been considered one of the premier libraries in the United States and continues to provide a wide range of written, visual, audio and digital information to patrons from Northeast Ohio and around the world. Since 1991, the Cleveland Public Library has been the beneficiary of the Anna M. Schweinfurth Trust, an architectural trust fund providing revenues for developing a strong 20th century architectural collection, reference resources pertaining to architecture in general, along with rare and out of print publications.


    Anna M. Schweinfurth was the widow of Charles F. Schweinfurth, one of Cleveland's finest architects. The trust became available in 1989 -- in accordance to the will, a committee of 3 members of the Cleveland AIA and the Special Collections librarian will guide the selection of materials. The Schweinfurth Memorial Library is among the most important architectural collections in the United States. In addition to rare and out-of-print books about architecture, it includes trade catalogs, treatises, architectural drawings and other ephemera. For more information, call 216-687-2818


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