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    Oct 23

    Written by: Pam Eyerdam 10/23/2006 10:31 AM 

    A chess exhibit entitled CHESS METAPHORS, ANECDOTES AND PROVERBS will be on display in the John G. White exhibition corridor of Special Collections, Main Library 3rd floor.


    The John G. White Collection of Chess is the largest chess library in the world (32,568 volumes of books and serials, including 6,359 volumes of bound periodicals). As the most extensive library on chess, it documents the history, development, and technical aspects of the games and maintains records of competitions, tournaments and players. Significant references to the games in the literature of other subjects, such as history, philosophy, religion, literature, and the sciences are also included, as are other related move games. The following items and text on exhibit presents various chess metaphors, anecdotes and proverbs.


    A brief history and explanation of the game help to frame these references which are amusing, witty, sad, and philosophical. Various chess sets will accompany the text. We hope you enjoy the exhibit.


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