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    By Michael Dalby on

    In May of 1926, thirty beautiful murals were completed to adorn the ceiling of the Main Library lobby. F. R. Walker of the famous Walker & Weeks architectural firm designed the murals. Joseph F. Sturdy of Chicago and a team of artists were enlisted to artistically realize them. The style was based on the Italian Renaissance. These traditional representations of art ran counter to the emerging modern art movement of the day. Unlike the style, however, the construction of the murals was contemporary. Mural artists painted on large pieces of canvas that were fastened overhead, rather than the murals being painted directly on the ceiling. Such a method was applied at the Library of Congress and the Boston Public Library.

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    By Lissa Waite on

    Souvenir book of Cleveland, OhioCurrently on display in Special Collections is a sample of some souvenir pamphlets from the 19th and early 20th centuries, with photographs of various scenes in Cleveland. These images give a unique insight into the history and life of our city, reflecting its’ economic and social growth. One image from 1889 shows an alligator on display in a pool on Public Square. One wonders if it survived a Cleveland winter!

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